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Lars Großwendt Grosswendt Next Step Berlin Relocation Consultant
 Lars Großwendt  


My name is Lars Großwendt. I was born in Stade near Hamburg, but my first encounter with Berlin was already in the 90s during my studies at Humboldt University. In 1997 I moved to Oslo as an Erasmus student, and lived there for almost 20 years. In 2016 I moved back to Berlin, and since then I am a happy Berliner once again.

My educational and professional background combines studies in Scandinavian Studies, Social & Cultural Sciences from Humboldt University in Berlin and Management Studies and Project Leadership from Business University BI in Oslo. I am HR Professional with more than 15 years of experience in Compensation & Benefits, Co-worker relations, Diversity & Inclusion, and Mobility Management. I have worked for corporations as IKEA Norway, Color Line Norway and NH Hotel Group Central Europe.

During my professional return to Berlin in 2016, I experienced in first-hand the difficulties of relocation already in my first days in Berlin. Even though as a native German speaker who even lived and studied in Berlin before, I quickly realized that there were some unexpected difficulties and challenges to overcome when settling down in Berlin. Since the 90´s the city has drastically changed. Berlin has become more cosmopolitan, has adopted a new dynamic and its districts had developed rapidly. I was not even sure about which was the right place for me to live!

Therefore, I quickly decided to take professional help from a Relocation Consultant who knew Berlin better than me, someone who knew how the different parts of the city are and function. I also got great professional support in bureaucratic matters, so I could be sure that I accomplish everything correctly in terms of bureaucratic matters and deadlines. Only in that way, I was able to concentrate immediately on my new work tasks, on building a new network with my colleagues, getting to know the city in a friendly manner and was able to take care of my family too, while my life in Berlin was set up by my Relocation expert.

Having a Relocation Consultant made my return to Berlin so much easier for me. Now I do not only live here as a real Berliner, but as an international German who loves this incredible city. That is the reason I want to offer you my Relocation Service, so you can experience a smooth and perfect start in Berlin.

Let's take together your Next Step in Berlin!

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