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Berlin at work Next Step Relocation

Are you recruiting employees/expats from other cities in Germany or from abroad? You know how important it is to invest in your own and qualified talents coming from other locations? As former expats and as Human Resources Professionals we can help you with the relocation of your most valuable resources to Berlin!

We would like to offer you and your employees our service, thus, we make the new start in Berlin as easy and free of stress as possible. As the HR responsible of your company, you are specialist on recruiting. You negotiate salary and benefits, start the mobility management process, take care of the integration of your employees in the team and organize the bureaucratic internal matters. However, relocation is also a key element of the mobility process and requires specialized and personal support.

We complement your work providing our expertise through the relocation process for your new employees. We supporting them on their exciting journey by making their personal life as easy as possible, so they can focus from the beginning on their new career challenges.

 Home Search 

We actively support your employees in their search for accommodation and accompany them in up to six home viewings. Apartments in Berlin are very popular. Therefore, having a Relocation Consultant by their side, organizing housing visits for them, writing the application for the chosen apartments, contacting the landlord/real estate agent and advising them on the final contract, can be a great benefit. Furthermore, we accompany your employees during the apartment handover until they hold the key to the new apartment in their hands.

For most of the cases, we also recommend, to rent a temporary accommodation (for one to two months) before your employees finds their right permanent home. This gives them the great advantage of knowing better the city and its districts before signing a long-term contract. Of course, we can also help them to find their temporary flat!

 Registration at the 
 Registration Office 

One of the most important first steps in Germany is the registration of the new address (both for the temporary or for the permanent accommodation) at the Registration Office (Bürgeramt). Usually, there are long waiting times for appointments. Therefore, we arrange fast appointments for your employees; then they can be registered as soon as possible. This registration is mandatory for many other governmental or private offices, such as a requisite for opening a German bank account.

 Bank Account 

A German bank account is a major requirement, for instance, to transfer a deposit for the apartment or to pay the rent without delay. We have contacts to banks which also have an international counter. We arrange appointments for your employees and accompany them to the bank.


As in other countries, there are some insurances in Germany that are highly recommended or even compulsory. A health insurance is one of the compulsory insurances. Hereby we can assist your employees providing good advice and arranging appointments with health insurance companies. Some landlords also require a household insurance, which we recommend in any case. Furthermore, one should consider a liability insurance, which can save your employees a lot of money, in the event that an accident occurs. We contact your employees with insurance experts who can help them choosing the right insurances for their particular needs.

 Introduction to Berlin´s 

Berlin is a very cosmopolitan, versatile and diverse capital, due to its particular history and in part to the long period of separation by the Berlin Wall. Hardly any metropolis in Europe can offer so many different neighbourhoods, especially in terms of culture, architecture and its inhabitants. All the districts have their special charm, from Prenzlauer Berg with its trendy cafes and small shops to Charlottenburg´s classical architecture and traditional atmosphere. We would like to show your employees all the amazing possibilities on an orientation tour, so they can choose their "favourite Kiez". We will do this tour with them by metro (S / U-Bahn), bus or tram, so they also learn about the well-connected public transport system of Berlin.

 School and 
 Kindergarten (Kita) 

We have to say this quite honestly: At the moment it is very challenging to find kindergarten places in Berlin. Often there are long waiting times, which we unfortunately have no influence on. However, we can orientate your employees with an overview about the German and international education institutions available in the city, and help them to fill the relevant documentation necessary to apply for a kindergarten or school for your children.

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